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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Whether or not you are aware of it, Google is already using your site’s mobile readiness as a factor for ranking. It’s been discovered that it doesn’t even matter if the search for a relevant keyword to your business is performed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Regardless, if your site is not mobile ready, you will see an impact on your rankings and will not fare as well as others with sites that meet these requirements through such optimizations as responsive design.

Mobile Ready DesignAs things are now, it is still possible to rank decently with a website that is not mobile ready. However, this is not expected to last. On April 21st, Google is rolling out a new algorithm update that will impact search results even greater when it comes to the difference between mobile ready and not mobile ready websites.

It’s hard to predict exactly what this means for search engine optimization (SEO), but it’s always good to be prepared for the biggest impact. Google may announce updates to their search algorithm, but that does not mean they are going to help SEO marketers as much as they can. A properly optimized website relies less on typical marketing means such as Google ads and otherwise. Because of this, they hardly are going to roll out the red carpet and prepare an SEO marketer with all the information they need to stand ready for an update that could tank their clients’ rankings. This is why it’s important to not just keep up to date with the latest updates, but also to interpret how changes may impact SEO clients and ways to prepare them for whatever those changes might mean.

Google is offering a free mobile friendly test to check your website and determine if it meets their guidelines for being mobile ready and in the best possible position for this upcoming update. If you manage a business website that is not mobile ready, feel free to contact us about our web design products built through responsive design developing tools like WordPress.

Remember, it is our job to read between the lines and determine how to best prepare our clients for changes that may impact their ability to market their businesses. While it’s unknown for certain whether not having a responsive website means absolute doom for your rankings following this update or not, one thing is for certain; the best way to be prepared either way is to be proactive and to have your website developed in conformance with the latest standards of quality expected by massive search engines such as Google and otherwise. A website is only as good as the traffic you can bring to it, so be proactive and ensure your website is ready for the changes coming. With a little preparation, you can take this information and be one step ahead of other businesses trying to rank for similar relevant keywords to your business.

So the question really is this; how will your site rank on April 21st?

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