Coaches Have a Unique Opportunity to Profit on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is at its heart all about building connections and developing strong relationships among them. It’s no surprise that individuals in the coaching industry have a unique opportunity to use LinkedIn to increase their outreach to potential clients, establish themselves as authorities in an industry that is arguably diluted by lackluster talent, and connect with respected coaching masterminds to develop a greater knowledge of their industry.

While consultants may also consider the benefits of LinkedIn with similar regard, coaches still have a better edge due to the people-centric approach that LinkedIn seems to favor in marketing to its user base. Consultants know the numbers. Coaches know the people. LinkedIn is all about the people and ensuring that you market to them in a way that is genuine, beneficial, and opens the door to a conversation is paramount. Cheap sales methods do not work here. While consultants can and are very successful in marketing themselves on LinkedIn, they likely will be the most successful if they know a thing or two about coaching. Coaching is a useful application in any industry.

CoachesAn interesting correlation between effective marketing and successful coaching is getting your target audience to identify the need themselves rather than shoving it in their face. Suggesting on a hot day the sweltering heat and how thirsty you are to a potential customer before opening a lemonade stand is more likely going to end with them approaching your stand without you even calling them over. The reason is the need has been approached before the solution. Similarly, asking questions in a guided fashion about the performance of an unsuccessful employee who is also a family member of the manager may lead to the manager coming to a conclusion there is a need to replace the employee before you throw out the suggestion of that solution yourself.

In the end, it comes down to tactfulness of approach. As a coach, you should understand that there are thousands of individuals out there competing for your business. Many of them have undergone similar training and may have the same consultant-level knowledge in terms of solutions. The difference comes in the application of those solutions and ensuring management and lower level employees can survive the changes to the culture of their business without collapse. A human approach is needed and this is where LinkedIn can make you stand out from the rest.

What LinkedIn tools can I utilize for maximum success?

  1. Published Posts – Weekly or Bimonthly published posts help establish credibility and authority in your respective industry. Keeping up to date on changes in your industry or following hot button subjects can not only draw more attention to your business and ability to help your audience, but will also make you stand out from the rest and allow you to build trust with your connections over time.
  2. Groups – Sharing discussions in relevant groups with a carefully crafted purpose behind the discussion will not only build engagement with your audience, but will also allow you to find the need in your audience before starting a private discussion where you can suggest a solution.
  3. Messaging Campaigns – Developing strong message templates that are genuine, beneficial, and open the door to conversation are a great way to approach your target audience without coming off like a cheap salesman. Again, it is all about identifying the need first followed by the solution.

Keep in mind that even if there is no immediate need, the conversation may still be worthwhile. Some of my best campaigns have been altered through the advice of the audience I reached out to, whether they suggested a different group that may be more open to my offer, or if they had a different benefit they felt would inspire more response. The point is to make your marketing efforts fluid, so they can adapt to the environment around them. This is why coaches have a unique opportunity to profit on LinkedIn: they are creative thinkers able to survive in a changing environment while working with others to support the intended outcome.

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