Why Film, Television, & Theatre Enthusiasts Need Social Media Marketing

Anything is possible on stage, and that is perhaps what captivates us the most about acted performances on every medium from theatre to the silver screen. It is our escape from the ordinary, allowing us to experience realities far removed from our own, or gain a deeper understanding of those that hit closer to home. Art is a reflection of our deepest curiosities about life. Performances by skilled actors through film, television, and theatre in this regard might be considered one of the greatest mirrors to present back a reflection of an awe inspiring truth, or an imagination-stimulating lie.

Video, movie, cinema concept. Light, film strip, reels, clapperbWhere then does social media play a role in such powerful forms of entertainment?

Many Artistic Productions Would Never Get Funded Without It

Whatever the medium of presentation, in most cases, money is needed to bring a project to life. How do you find investors for a project with grand expectations? Social media may be the answer. Properly spreading awareness through your social media platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn, may be the answer you are looking for in getting a project funded that would otherwise be an idea on a shelf that would never see the light of day. Facebook can be a great tool for pushing a crowdfunding campaign and LinkedIn campaigns can be used to locate accredited investors for projects needing to break ground.

Finding Cast & Crew Support

It’s common nowadays for film, television, and theatre productions to use social media to build a cast and alert interested audiences about opportunities to audition. Additionally, many productions needing a director, cameraman, or otherwise may seek out crew support through social media. The opportunities are endless. Facebook may be a great tool for seeking cast members or extras. LinkedIn can be great for building an experienced crew.

Art Will Not Be Seen if Unknown

Even if a project is already bankrolled, without driving engagement the project will not be experienced by its target audience. Social media is accessible through most people’s pockets nowadays with technology putting social media applications on nearly every cell phone available. Your intended audience may be looking at cat pictures, or searching out the next showing of ‘Cats’. Your production should be represented here as well through social media shares discussing the next showing of your film, television show, or play.

This also applies when keeping your audience engaged in your artistic production. Just because your production has 1000 likes on Facebook doesn’t mean it will get all the support it needs when presented to audiences. It’s important to keep your audience engaged through regular posts and shares. This isn’t just about telling your audience when the next showing of your production is. Having days of the week where you introduce a new cast or crew member, for example, helps people to feel more connected with the production. Additionally, you may occasionally share a funny story or donate to a charity with some of the proceeds while alerting your audience to the cause you support. All these things keep your audience engaged and make them feel like the production is a part of them beyond their entertainment.

Getting Feedback From Your Audience

Many entertainment companies today make changes to their productions due to feedback given by their audience through social media. Character development may be influenced by it in television. ‘Breakout characters’, characters who were originally less involved in a television show who become a bigger part of the production, often are discovered through social media commentary. Building a strong social media presence for a film, even years after it’s been released, may allow you to draw attention to another production by the same film company or director, or allow you to discover interest in a sequel. Theatre productions have even changed from feedback given by social media and similar support through social media can be drawn to other productions by the same company.

Social Media Marketing in Action

Social media marketing, for all these reasons, can make or break the success of a film, television, or theatre production. Ensure your production has a dedicated social media marketing team to ensure your project reaches its intended audience.

I myself have seen the value in social media marketing in television through working on Idaho Boys Production. What started out as just an idea is now being developed into a pilot. Social media marketing has continued to play an integral role in putting together the team for this production and marketing it to audiences locally and nationally all throughout the process.



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