WCSD Fundraiser

Washoe County School District currently faces more than $66,000 in unpaid lunch bills. That’s because the district provides full lunches to elementary students, whether they can afford it or not.

Source: 5/9-11pm-WCSD School Lunch Funding

The Washoe County School Board decided against different meals for students with overdue lunch accounts… the board voted that the district remove any mention of alternative meals in its lunch policy because of the fear the policy could shame students.

Source: 5/10-12am-WCSD backs off plan to give different lunch to students with overdue accounts

BeeBizi.com Is Donating 25% Of New Accounts To The Washoe County School District Until School Lunch Accounts Are Paid Off

New Clients Can Mention This Fundraiser And 25% Of Their Bill Will Be Donated To The WCSD

You May Also Donate Directly To The WCSD Through Their Official GoFundMe Page

Our First Donation Of $250 Was Made Today, May 15th At Katherine Dunn Elementary School

Katherine Dunn Elementary School Still Has Approximately $754 Remaining Until Lunch Balances Are Paid Off

Additional Donations Can Be Made To Schools Like Katherine Dunn Elementary Directly, Or Through The GoFundMe Campaign

While Students Will Not Be Shamed With Cheaper Lunches, Unrecovered Balances Will Be Deducted From The WCSD Budget

Supporting This Campaign Is Supporting These Funds Going Towards Education And Other Expenses Where They Belong

BeeBizi.com Will Also Run A LinkedIn Campaign To Inform The Local Nevada Community Regarding This Issue

Current List of WCSD School Debt

(Updated 05/22/17 @ 2:15pm)

Lemmon Valley Elementary, $4,987
Incline Elementary, $4,718
Donner Springs Elementary, $2,402
Spanish Springs Elementary, $2,175
Westergard Elementary, $1,953
Moss Elementary, $1,907
Alice Smith Elementary, $1,857
Brown Elementary, $1,791
Huffaker Elementary, $1,353
Diedrichsen Elementary, $1,218
Double Diamond Elementary, $1,188
Dunn Elementary, $754
Van Gorder Elementary, $1,117
Stead Elementary, $1,064



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